Monday, September 24, 2018

This week: Wedding Extravaganza

Listening to a lot: I am still loving having Spotify again. One way or another from Blondie. Fox on the Run. The Parting Glass sung by the High Kings. You're nobody until somebody  loves you by Dean Martin. Brick House. Mud Digger from the Mud Digger CD. still on a Norman and Nancy Blake kick. My spotify and I spent a lot of time together this weekend.

Reading: yesterday I read The Story of a Soul by St Therese. Friday I read a booklet on Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother from Tan books. I got inspired to read the catholic hearth magazines with Mrs KBL and that's been going well. Does blog reading and reading texts count?

Comedy: I re-watched Sebastian Maniscalco's "aren't you embarrassed?" this week. it was good, as always. I am due for another round of watching My Cousin Vinny.

New things: I now have the Marco Polo app. I was inspired by someone who uses it with her brothers so I wanted my siblings and I to have it/use it.

Last Saturday was "a wedding". We went to Mass at St Rita's in Racine. At this wedding there was a table with a candle with pictures of all the family members who have died. I was glad to see that my Grandma was remembered.

This weekend was "THE wedding". Mass was at St Robert's parish in Shorewood.

 The church looked/felt very Roman.

It was super cool! Milwaukee is cool! This was probably the most time I have spent  in Milwaukee. I don't remember the last time I was actually in Milwaukee... Most of what I know of Milwaukee is from the "Caroline Ingalls" books. ;) The reception was in Turner Hall. we got an AMAZING! parking spot (we were in Milwaukee, after all) We were right near the Bradley Center and the UWM arena. we went and checked out the new additions to the Bucks Pro shop and whatever the name of that entire building is...

the cocktail hour was in the balcony of the ballroom in Turner Hall and the dinner/everything else was in the ballroom. It was so spectacular! The speeches were good. The grand march was great!

At this wedding, there was a big "remembrance table" that everyone went to pay their respects to. Its sad to see all the pictures, but I was glad to see it there.

My Grandma and the groom

The Bride and her dad. In the middle of the head table they left an empty chair for her dad. The first toast of the night was for her dad and a beer was left in its place. 

8:30 hit and I went and sat with my Great Aunt. 9:30 came and I went to sit with my Grandpa. He and I sat in chairs and slept off and on for the next two hours. There was a polka and the tarantella dancing was the worst I've ever seen. It was a great wedding feast!
I saw this "catholic tag" and I thought it would be fun to participate in.
What is your rite? Mostly TLM, but somewhere between the NO and the TLM.
Cradle Catholic/ Convert? Born Catholic.
Year You were baptized? 1998 (at Holy Rosary with Fr John Molnar)
Year you received your First Communion? 2005 or 2006 (I think '06) (at St Paul's Evansville)
Confirmation Saint? St Brigid of Ireland.
Name of Current Parish? The Cathedral Parish, Madison/St Patricks & St Mary's Pine Bluff for weekend Masses. St Williams Paoli for Daily Mass.
Parish groups you belong to? None.
Prayers you say everyday? Angelus, Magnificat, "Now I lay me down to sleep", The Creed, Act of Faith, act of Hope, Act of Charity, Archbishop Brady's Prayer for Vocations, Night Prayers, Eternal Rest, Litany of Our Lady of Loretto, St Joseph Litany
Religous Items you travel with? Missal + bag with: Veil, Pieta Book, Jesus Make Me Worthy book, Rosary & a booklet.
Do you go to adoration? Yes!
Last time you went to Confession?  In Italy.
Color of your favorite rosary? white.
Convert that helped your faith? I think Fr Z is a convert from Lutheranism...
Cradle Catholics that helped your faith? My Great Grandma's, my parents & SO many others!
Weirdest thing about being Catholic? um. I'm not sure.
Best Thing About Being Catholic? Traditions. The Bible. The Latin Mass.The Liturgical Year.
Your patron saints? (& favorite saints) I wrote about that here.
Favorite Parable? the cure of 10 lepers, emphasis on the one who went back to say Thank you to Jesus
Favorite Psalm? I don't have one.
Favorite religious order? Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph!
Favorite Catholic Singer/Band? I don't have one.
Favorite Spiritual Author?  St John Bosco. Cardinal Dolan. Gwen/Jerry Coniker. Fr Lovasik. Mother Mary Loyola.
Favorite Marian Devotion? The Rosary. The Magnificat. The Angelus.
Favorite Pope? St Pope Pius X! (Peter takes a close second, with Benedict XVI in third!)
Favorite Biblical Character: Raphael. Elizabeth. Peter.
Favorite Catholic Movie? The Reluctant Saint. The Song of Bernadette. 
Favorite Catholic Song? The Ave Maria?
Favorite Encyclical? Humane Vitae, I guess. or Fides et Ratio. I am not much of an encyclicals reader...
Favorite Marian Hymn? Oh Queen of the Holy Rosary & Immaculate Mary
Favorite book written by a Saint? The 40 Dreams of St John Bosco.
Favorite Catholic Meme? I'm not much of a meme person.
Favorite Liturgical Season? Easter.
Favorite Feast Day? the days of my favorite saints. Christmas Eve.
Favorite part of Mass? The Last Gospel or the Sermon.
Favorite Sacred Hymn? Tantum Ergo or Oh God Beyond all Praising.
Favorite Gospel? anything with Peter in his good moments in it. or the "Bread of life discourses"
Favorite Martyr? Max. Kolbe!
Favorite Titles of Mary? Of the Rosary of Pompeii, Mount Carmel & Lourdes.
Favorite Bible Translation? Douay Rhiems.
Religious Life or Married? Marriage!
Homeschooling or Catholic School? Homeschool!
GK Chesterton or CS Lewis? Neither.
St Peter or St Paul? Peter!
St Thomas Aquinas or st Augustine? Hmmm....Aquinas!

And that's a wrap on this past week!


  1. I didn't realize Fr. Z was a convert. That makes me realize I know another Priest who was a convert that I could have had on my list. Also, "The Song of Bernadette" how could I forget that.

    1. I am 90% sure that He has said In sermons that he is a convert from The Lutheran faith. I think he converted during/after college. Don't quote me on that!

    2. Well, you made me realize I could have answered different on some of my questions. :D