Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Yesterday we had a great day together! We did it again! We saw each other 3X in one day! What a feat!

Since the day that we saw each other twice in one day, I have wanted to make it so we see each other 3X in one day. On July 4th (2018) we saw each other twice in one day. I don't know if that day counts because in the afternoon she was asleep the whole time and I don't know if she ever even knew if I was there. And at night, I stayed with her so everyone could go to the fireworks. She was in bed already and asleep, but she woke up for awhile and was very confused. Since then we have seen each other twice in one day lots of times. And since then I keep telling her how cool it would be if we could see each other three times in one day.

On September 8th, we were able to see each other 3X in one day! Once I knew it was within reach for me, I just kept making it so I could go over there.  On visit #1, she wanted me to take her to Briman's Jewlery in Topeka Kansas. On visit #2, I didn't stay for long but she was in a better mood. On visit #3, we said a rosary and Litany of Loreto  in honor of the feast that day (Nativity of Mary). I was eating a banana and she wanted one. when I opened it for her I said,"you want to be just like me right? is your life goal to be just like me?" and she said "oh yes".

Then, life continued, one day last week, Wednesday, we saw each other twice in one hour (That was pretty wild). I keep telling her she might get tired of seeing me and she says she won't. I keep telling the caregivers they might get tired of seeing me and they say "come anytime. we'll be here" (I sometimes tell the caregiver to text me when she is awake so I know how early I can come over). This weekend she had 2 substitute caregivers, and when I met them on Friday afternoon I told them they'd see me over at the house plenty. "We've been warned!" they told me. It was interesting to have different caregivers this past weekend, and to explain to them that I visit her a lot without them knowing me that well. I think after seeing me twice on Friday, and seeing my shrine up at the house, they believed me. When the regular caregiver came back, they told her all about how much I can over and what I did with her.

Yesterday, I didn't plan to see her that many times, but it worked out that way, and I am so glad that it did! from my notebook:
"Trip #1: 12:45-1:15
me: why are you just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk?
her: I'm letting the sun hit my back.

Trip #2: 4-4:30
"I always hate it when you leave"-she said to me.

Trip #3: 6:30-7:30
me: do you know how many times we've seen each other today?
her: no
me: (hold up 3 fingers)
her: oh, I thought it was 4 times.
It was after that we decided that 4X in one day will be our next goal.
The bugs were bad. we sat outside and watched the sunset and talked."

We had a GREAT day yesterday! and I am so glad! It is very encouraging to have great days like yesterday. We did all the usual things too, like me driving past slowly and waving and saying bye. and her sitting on the sidewalk doing the same. Yesterday, It was good to do some writing about our great day together.  And a bonus reason why the day was so good, she didn't run over my feet at all! Life is good! I've been feeling on an upbeat with my days with her. ("feeling on an upbeat" is a phrase I have seen in my Grandma's writing, and I like to use that phrase)

Today, I don't know think I'll be able to go over there, and that is sad. So, I'll pray for her, and read through my notebooks about all of the adventures we've had. Maybe, I'll do some writing too. And then, I will be eager, excited and anxious to see her again.

St Catherine Laboure, pray for us!

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