Monday, September 3, 2018

Feast of St Pope Pius X

Pope Pius X has been my favorite Pope (with Benedict XVI, and John Paul II in second and third) for as long as I can remember. I don't really know/remember why. I was first introduced to him through the Vision book on him and have been fascinated with him ever since. I don't know why I liked him...maybe it was because he was Italian, or a farm boy, or...I don't even know what but when I was younger I declared him my favorite pope and that has stuck. When I was 17, I nicknamed my calf "Pius" because I didn't like the calf's actual name. Then, two years ago came my discovery of the Society of Pope Pius X (I was extremely confused then, but my understanding has been greatly cleared up in the last 6 months). anyways, life clipped along. St Pope Pius X was added to my daily litany of saints.  Earlier this spring Mrs KBL and I would go through her relics and one of them is of Pope Pius X, so of course I feel like a complete rock star having that experience. Then, my family and I were in Italy. We're walking around through our tour of St Peter's and I was taking notes. When all of a sudden, after just a quick glance, I see the tomb of Pope Pius X! I was so excited! I couldn't believe it! (clearly, I don't know that much about him, or I would have know where he is buried). My notebooks state this, "POPE PIUS X CHAPEL!!!!!!! in corrupt!! AND HIS BODY!!!!! St. Pope Pius X, pray for us!!!! w/picture of the presentation of Mary in/at the temple.
a side altar....I'm so excited!!! I can't believe it!!!" We only stayed at that spot for a few minutes, as there is just so much to see (its really overwhelming). As we had concluded our whole tour, and all I wanted to do was rush back to the tomb of Pope Pius X for some time in prayer there. There I prayed for my vocation, for strong faith and for endurance and I wrote about my excitement to be there. (I was probably glowing the whole time...) I then, went into a physical description of the scenery there, "He has a mask on his face & hands...He is wearing red, white & gold. with red & gold slippers. laying horizontal with a ring on his finger. and white lace." and that was it, then we left. That was my most exciting experience of being at the tomb of Pope Pius X. When we were home from Italy and I was asked my favorite things of Italy I said being at the tomb of St Pope Pius X!

Since then, I now have an Angelus Press missal and  have been to 2 masses at St Therese Chapel (SSPX) so, I guess that is my other connection to him (sort of). Today, to celebrate I wanted to go to mass (I usually go to a 7am daily low mass) but we have zero cars that I can drive (last week was BAD!) so I am not going to mass today, but I read through the propers and such in my missal. Hopefully (very!) soon, I will go to visit Mrs KBL's and she and I will bless ourselves with his relic (I don't think that will happen today). I have also been doing some readings on him/his life from the SSPX website, and Crisis Magazine and such. Nothing terribly exciting. I guess that is about all I've got for liturgical living. I still get so excited thing about the day that I was at his tomb!

Saint Pope Pius X, pray for us!

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