Monday, September 10, 2018

preparing for all saints day:: favorite saints

I've been doing lots of liturgical planning/preparing lately and, with All Saints Day ahead of us, I've been thinking of my favorite saints. Most of these saints I pray to during mass and at night, some I pray to for "special occasions". I hope to make a litany of my favorites and print it out....

Titles of Mary:
-Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Pompeii. our home parish in Kenosha.
-Our Lady of Lourdes. My favorite nun gave me a necklace with our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette on it.
-Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Name Saints:
I am not named after a particular saint, but the Confirmation Saint Name I chose was St Brigid of Ireland. I chose her one night rather spontaneous during a talk on her in February of 2014 at DTS. and that is how she became my confirmation saint.  (I suppose it could be argued that I am named after St Francis of Assisi although that is technically not accurate.)

-St Pope Pius X.
-St Peter
-St John Paul II

Vocational Patrons:
-St Mother Teresa of Calcutta
-St Raphael
-St Anne
-St Joseph
-St Veronica
-St Andrew the Apostle
-St Therese (a recent addition)

These are the saints who inspire me in my own vocation now and who I pray for to/about my future vocation.

Academic Patrons:
-St Joseph of Cupertino 
-St Maximilian Kolbe
-St Bernadette 
-St Elizabeth Ann Seton

-St John Bosco 

The 40 dreams of St John Bosco has got to be my favorite spiritual reading book!

Family Patrons:
-St Lucy
-St Philomena
-St Faustina
-Fulton Sheen
-St Francis of Assisi
-Bl Elena Aiello 
-St Bruno
-St Anthony

Not officially saints but I add them to my litany anyway:
-Jerry Coniker. the man, the myth, the legend.
-Gwen Coniker. I don't think I've ever met her (if we were ever at the same event, I don't remember it) through her husband, her writings and her daughter I have come to ask for her intercession.)
-Sr RoseAnne. my favorite nun.
-Del Latham. we've never met but I take care of his wife, and I basically feel like I know him.

some on these lists I've met, some tombs I've visited, all have managed to and keep impacting my life :)

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