Tuesday, February 12, 2019

February Feast Days- what I did- 2/4/19-2/27/19

I've been smashing my goals and have been making it to daily mass (now that the terrible frigid snap is over) and have gotten back into the swing of a daily rosary. Also, I've been reading from A Character Calendar every day since it arrived in the email. So, things are going great!

2/4, St Andrew Corsini
-Low Mass
-Father Oak: White
-A Character Calendar

2/5, St Agatha
-Low Mass
-Father Oak: Red
-A Character Calendar, Catholic All February, the Catholic All Year Compendium, Saints a Year in Faith and Art, Signs and Symbols in Christian Art
-Who/what are "the 14 Holy Helpers"?

2/6, St Titus, St Dorothy
-A Character Calendar
-Low Mass
-Father Oak: White
-Saints a year in faith and art
-Paul Miki: The Catholic All Year Compendium, Catholic All February, Saints a Year in Faith and Art

New books:
-Chalice of Strength: prayers for priests (more of a booklet than a book, filled with prayers)
-Saints and Festivals: a cycle of the year  for young people by Mother Mary Salome (a book with chapters for various days and seasons in the liturgical year)
-The Easter book by Francis X Weiser (I caved and got this book this Lent/Easter season. a book for Lent & Easter, in the same style of Weiser's other books)

2/7, St Romuald, St Richard of Lucca
(no mass because I wanted to sleep in, mass ended up getting canceled and one of the steers found his way into the horse's pen, so my sleeping in plan was not a win)
-Father Oak: White
-Lives of the Saints
-Saints a year in faith and art

2/8-2/10, didn't do much over the weekend, but caught up on readings from A Character Calendar, did Calendar Work, and Catholic All February/The Catholic All Year Compendium.
I haven't been keeping up on my letter board...it still days "Candlemas Day!" on it.

{how I like to survive wrestling meets--lots of books!}

2/11, Our Lady of Lourdes
-Low Mass
-A Character Calendar
-Father Oak: White
-The Catholic All Year Compendium, Catholic All February

New book:
-Religious Customs in the Family by Father Weiser (its so small!)

-Read from A Character Calendar

-prep for next day reading: the Catholic All Year Compendium, The Year and Our Children, Catholic All February booklet; changed letter board
-Read from A Character Calendar, looked up Therese Neueman

2/14, St Valentine
-Low Mass
-Father Oak: red
-Catholic All February

-Calendar Work

-Read: Religious Customs in the Family, The Easter Book
-made: lent plans

2/17, Septuagesima Sunday
-finalized lent plans
-Calendar work
-Read: With the Church Volume 1

2/18, St Bernadette
-Calendar Work
-Mondays With Mary
-Catholic all February booklet (repeating pages from the feast of our Lady of Lourdes)
-Lives of the Saints, Saints: a year in faith and art
-Caught up on Readings from A Character Calendar
-looked over lent plans
-watch CCC video of St Bernadette

-Read from A Character Calendar

-Read from a Character calendar

-Mass (St Peter Damien)

-Read from: Catholic All February booklet, A Character Calendar, Lent for Children 2018 Supplement, missal/mass readings of the day

-Mass (Saturday and Sunday)
-Liturgical themed choral & organ festival
-Calendar Work
-Reading from: With the Church volume 1

-New Books: Catholic All Year and Catholic All March booklets (both so beautiful and I can not wait to use them!!)
-Caught up on readings from A Character Calendar
-looked over lent plans

-Low Mass, Votive Mass of the Angels

2/27, St Gabriel
-Low Mass
-caught up on readings from a character calendar
-printed off lent calendars from the Pondered in my heart blog

Monday, February 4, 2019

Feast of St Brigid, Candlemas Day! & St Blaise (2/1, 2/2 & 2/3):: it feels like spring!

St Brigid is who I chose as my confirmation saint. I remember not being able to decide on a confirmation name (I don't remember who the contenders were), and I was at DTS one night and the Saint of the Night was St Brigid of Ireland. I don't know what overcame me but it was then and there that I decided on my confirmation name/saint. Later on I said, because she is a patron of dairy workers, saying that it was my first year showing dairy that year. (That doesn't seem like a great reason to me, but I am the same person who named a calf "Pius" because Pope Pius X is my favorite pope, so I guess sometimes my logic doesn't make sense...) That night, after DTS was over, I went up to our leader, the one and only Eddie Cotter, and announced that I had decided on my confirmation saint that night as we turned off all the lights. I don't remember what else that happened but he did give me a printout of his notes for the night on her. I still think that she is really fascinating and "folky".

the life of St Brigid

I really didn't do much to celebrate this day, except have a party in my head.

This day was also the feast of St Ignatius of Antioch. I went to Low Mass and read about him in Character Calendar.

Candlemas Day!

Reading Material:
-Saints a year in faith and art
-Tan Books Calendar
-Hoever's Lives of the Saints
-The Catholic All Year Compendium
-With the Church volume 1
-Fish Eaters website
-The Holy Day book
-The Year and Our Children
-Catholic all February
-A Character Calendar

{how my cube shelf looks right now}

{some reading for the day + Father Oak}

{some reading for the day}

{more reading, at night} (the words of Simeon are one of my favorite)

(all of this reading happened throughout the day, not all at once)

St Blaise

-throat blessed (on 2/2)

Reading from: A Character Calendar (I didn't ever get to other readings or art work for the day, although I had some other things out to do)

I'd say it was a liturgically full weekend. :) I kept up with some calendar work, Mass, and lots of writing/notes.
Here's to our next liturgical living marathon!