Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lent week 3:: 3/24/19, 3/26/19, 3/27/19, 3/28/19, 3/29/19, 3/30/19

3/24/19 3rd Sunday of Lent, St Gabriel
-High Mass (!!) FINALLY! I haven't been to a high mass in like, forever!
-Read from: Lent for children, a time of renewal, Sunday Morning Storyland, Catholic All Year Compendium + Catholic All March booklet (St Catherine of Sweden)
-Made plans for the feast of the Annunciation
-Father Oak: purple
-Read about St Gabriel from A Character Calendar & Lives of the Saints

3/25/19 The Annunciation-see separate post

-Low Mass
-New books came in the Mail:
More catholic All Year Booklets!!!! (and the April booklet is THICK!) I haven't had much of a chance yet to even look inside of these, but am very excited to have them!!
-read from: Lent for Children, A Time of renewal

-Low Mass
-Read from a character calendar (I've missed this book!!)
-Investigated New "Catholic All Year Books" (can't wait for April to begin!!)

-Read from: Lent for Children, A time of renewal, A character calendar (what a treat!)
-Listened to Jesus of Nazareth on Librivox
-New Books: Good Saint Anne (booklet) Butler's Lives of the Saints & Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (all from Tan books--- I bought these when it was the St Benedict's Day Sale--they are all so beautiful, I am excited to have them in my collection & can't wait to read them! So grateful  for the St Benedict's Day sale!!)
-Low Mass; purple; Feria mass for Friday of the third week of lent
-Read from: Lent for Children, a time of renewal
-thought up edits for my way of the cross document

-Read from: Lent for Children, a time of renewal, Sunday Morning Story Land, Catholic All March booklet, With the church volume 1
-I got a new shelf!!!!! I have a bit of organizing to do on it, but it is might nice having (nearly) all my books in one place--and pretty accessible.
-made edits on my way of the cross document

I have pretty much ditched the "40 steps to Easter" booklet from Dumb Ox pub--and I don't have a great reason why... I was reading with my friend nearly every day, but, I didn't pre-read (ever!) when I should have and awkwardly read things out loud to her (like I read "thank you for the gift of being able to walk" (which was in the book) when she hasn't been able to walk in almost 20 that was...awkward), so I kind of stopped bringing the book to her house. and sure, I could read it to myself, but the daily sections are so short that it feels like some thing I *should/could* read with her, so mentally It feels like I *can't/shouldn't* read it with myself...its complicated. but I've basically ditched it and I don't think/plan on going back to it (even though I could...)
I have been saying the stations of the cross by myself nearly every day, and this was a goal of mine. I use either my document or the Catholic All Year ones. I've said it with my friend not as often as I had envisioned us, but we have a  handful of times. I have also found that I don't have enough breath (or something) to say a rosary and the stations in one day with her, so I usually choose the rosary because it's *generally* a smoother experience.
My Lenten readings have gone...mostly well. There's no zeal or anything or but the habit is there. I'm looking forward to starting a new book or two soon.
I have been going to low mass pretty much every day it was offered this lent (I overslept at least a few mornings...)
So, I guess, you could say that lent has been pretty fruitful this year.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

March reads

One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler
Bible History by Ignatius Schuster (in progress from a previous month)
Nathan Coulter by Wendell Berry
Good Saint Anne (booklet)
+ Mass Facing the People by the same author 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Feast of the Annunciation:: 3/25/19

~making plans~
-Lenten reading: Lent for Children, A Time of Renewal
-Calendar Work: Tan Books
-Father Oak:
-Feast day reading: With the Church Volume 1, Hoever's Lives of the Saints, Catholic All March Booklet, Catholic All Year Compendium, A Character Calendar,
-Art: Signs & Symbols in Christian Art
-Wildflowers and Marbles blog, The Magnificat, Writing/Notes, the Litany of Loretto, look at art/picture study

(typically the day before a "big"/"bigger" feast day I will make my plans for the day on a spiral notebook like this--it's not much different than my daily routine, but it is nice to have on paper and not just in my head--plus I can look back on it in future years. Putting these notes on papers also, help me to feel organized for the day--although, this planning is nothing extravagant.)

A packed day for the liturgical year--and I soaked it in as much as I could! As well as doing lots of writing as it related to the day, and taking many notes.
-I Prayed the stations of the cross (and once again observed all of the edits I need to make on my document) because it was the feast of St Dismas
-I went to a lovely sung mass at Saint Mary's Pine Bluff said by Father Z
-Before bed I read from the Catholic All March booklet
-Calendar Work: Tan Books
-Read from: Lent for children, a time of renewal, the catholic all year compendium, Mondays with Mary, with the church volume 1, the wild flowers & Marbles blog (+picture study from there), Father Z's blog, Saints a Year in faith and art, Signs and Symbols in christian art
-Prayed the Angelus several times, and the litany of loretto

all this made for a very lovely day with much reflection, learning and appreciating the riches of our Holy Catholic Faith.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Lent week 2:: 3/18/19-3/23/19

Low Mass isn't/wasn't offered Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

Monday 3/18/19
-Read from Lent for Children, A Time of Renewal, Lives of the Saints, Saints a Year in faith and art
-Made St Joseph's day plans
-Listened to Jesus of Nazareth by Mother Mary Loyola on Librivox (I kind of forgot that I started this)

Tuesday 3/19/19 Saint Joseph
-read from Lent for Children, With the church volume 1, saints a year in faith and art, a time of renewal, the catholic all year compendium, signs and symbols in christian art, the year and our children, a character calendar & lives of the saints
-Father Oak: white
{making plans}

{plans for the day}

-Read from: a time of renewal, lent for children

3/21/19 Saint Benedict
-Low Mass; Father Oak: Purple; Ferial Mass for Thursday of the Second week of Lent-I think
-Took advantage of Tan Books 40% off sale (This probably doesn't cunt as liturgical living, but I did do it in honor of today's feast day)
-Read from: Lent for Children, A Time of Renewal, Lives of the Saints

-missed mass because I slept in
-Read from Lent for Children, A time of renewal, Hoever's Lives of the Saints

-Read from: Lent for Children, a time of renewal
-Read from "Saints & Festivals"
-Said the stations of the cross with my own booklet (I'd say it was basically a success)
-Ordered/bought: Catholic All April Booklet +  Catholic All Visits to the Blessed Sacrament booklet. SUPER excited for these!!

end of week 2 update:
So Lent has been going pretty well. I haven't said the Stations of the Cross as much as I wanted, but have been doing a simplified one every time I go to mass. I have been doing "enough" reading, although I want to listen to Jesus of Nazareth More on Librivox. Originally I was going to not listen to anything on Spotify or YouTube for all of Lent, but I have really failed on that already, as I still have been using spotify nearly every day, but I have been listening to more Latin lesson CDs, and I have turned down my amount of recreational YouTubing-so that is good, AND I have curbed my trips to culvers, which was another thing I wanted to accomplish over Lent...
I have been sprinkling in some bible history reading towards the end of this week as well.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Feast of St Patrick:: 3/17/19

{plans for the day}

~ Low Mass

{reading + notes}

{how my cube shelf has been looking lately}

~Read from A Character Calendar
~Read St Patrick's Breastplate from Catholic All March Booklet

Lent Week 1 happenings:: 3/10/19-3/16/19

3/10 1st Sunday of Lent
-read from A Time of Renewal, Lent for Children
-worked on my way of the cross project

I don't get how to use the Dumb Ox Calendars, so I haven't been using them at all; but, I have been enjoying the "40 steps to Easter" booklet that I got with one of the calendars-that has been a hit!
-Caught up on readings from A Character Calendar and 40 steps to Easter
-St Joseph Novena day 1. I hardly ever do novenas anymore besides this one.

-Low Mass: Monday of the first week of Lent
-Father Oak: Purple
-Read from: Lent for Children, A Time of Renewal
-Saint Joseph Novena day 2
-calendar work

-Low Mass: St Pope Gregory the Great
-Father Oak: white
-read from Lent for Children and a Time of Renewal
-calendar work

3/13/19 Ember Wednesday of lent
-Low Mass (I forgot my missal)
-Father Oak: Purple
-caught up on readings from a character calendar and 40 steps to Easter. I think it will skip reading the "action"/"practice" section from 40 steps to Easter from here on out.
-stations of the cross at the church.
-calendar work

-Low Mass
-calendar work

-Caught up on readings from Lent for Children, a time of renewal
-Bonnie Engstrom talk at Ladies of Divine Mercy

-read from Lent for Children, a time of renewal
-calendar work
-read a bunch from with the church volume 1, Sunday Morning Storyland: 2nd Sunday of Lent

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ash Wednesday, Thursday after, Friday after, Saturday After:: 3/6/19-3/9/19

3/6/19, Ash Wednesday
-Low Mass, received ashes (nice and thick)
-ordered Catholic All Year Printable Lent DIY Bundle
-read from Lent for Children, with the church volume one, the catholic all march booklet, and a Time of renewal.
{nice and thick}

3/7/19 St Thomas Aquinas, Thursday after Ash Wednesday
-Low Mass, votive mass of Our Lord Jesus Christ Supreme and Eternal priest
-Catholic All January Booklet-St Thomas Aquinas
-Calendar Work--Dumb Ox Pub, Tan Books
-Lives of the Saints-St Thomas Aquinas
-Read-A Time of Renewal, Lent for Children
-finished Yesterday, Today and Forever by Maria Von Trapp

3/8/19 Friday after Ash Wednesday
-Low Mass
-Read from a Character calendar, and 40 steps to Easter booklet (caught up on readings)
-Prayed the stations of the cross with the Catholic All March booklet. I need a new booklet. I looked through a friend's booklets, and took one to borrow.

3/9/19 Saturday after Ash Wednesday, Saint Frances of Rome
-Calendar Work-Tan books, Catholic All March booklet,
-Read from a time of renewal, lent for children, The Catholic All Year compendium, lives of the Saints, saints a year in faith and art and, with the church volume 1
-I am making my own stations of the cross booklet/document.
-Made some prints
-Mass at night

All together, a very successful start to Lent!! I plan to continue cruising through Lent for Children, a time of renewal, 40 steps to Easter, a character calendar, and with the church volume 1. I plan to continue using the catholic all march booklet, going to mass as often as I can, and other things as time/energy allows. I am hoping to finish pulling together my stations of the cross document. (probably a "simple" one, and then, one with art and bible readings). This is my next project to finish, and I hope to have it done on/by Monday.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

March Feast days 3/1/19-3/5/19

-Read from a character calendar

-fell asleep reading from with the church volume 1 :/ I had a really bad headache that day, so the reading doesn't count, but the effort was made to do it.

3/4/19 St Casimir
-Father Oak: white
-Low Mass
-read the dream of the rood and the stabat mater dolorosa
-read from a character calendar
-read "st chad" from Saints and Festivals
-started to read Yesterday, Today and Forever by Maria Von Trapp, its rather boring.
-received calendars from Dumb Ox Publications in the Mail, My first purchase from Dumb Ox Publications, and I am excited!

-Litany of loretto
-did some writing
-read from with the church volume 1, finished chapter from Sunday
-Read from Yesterday, Today and Forever by Maria Von Trapp. Its rather boring, I don't know if I will finish it.
-read from A Character Calendar
-reviewed Lent plans (again)

February Reads

*not including liturgical year books/reading.

I've been using the library again, and have been on a bit of a kick now....

(I've been reading some Fascinating ALS Memoirs good!)