Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ash Wednesday, Thursday after, Friday after, Saturday After:: 3/6/19-3/9/19

3/6/19, Ash Wednesday
-Low Mass, received ashes (nice and thick)
-ordered Catholic All Year Printable Lent DIY Bundle
-read from Lent for Children, with the church volume one, the catholic all march booklet, and a Time of renewal.
{nice and thick}

3/7/19 St Thomas Aquinas, Thursday after Ash Wednesday
-Low Mass, votive mass of Our Lord Jesus Christ Supreme and Eternal priest
-Catholic All January Booklet-St Thomas Aquinas
-Calendar Work--Dumb Ox Pub, Tan Books
-Lives of the Saints-St Thomas Aquinas
-Read-A Time of Renewal, Lent for Children
-finished Yesterday, Today and Forever by Maria Von Trapp

3/8/19 Friday after Ash Wednesday
-Low Mass
-Read from a Character calendar, and 40 steps to Easter booklet (caught up on readings)
-Prayed the stations of the cross with the Catholic All March booklet. I need a new booklet. I looked through a friend's booklets, and took one to borrow.

3/9/19 Saturday after Ash Wednesday, Saint Frances of Rome
-Calendar Work-Tan books, Catholic All March booklet,
-Read from a time of renewal, lent for children, The Catholic All Year compendium, lives of the Saints, saints a year in faith and art and, with the church volume 1
-I am making my own stations of the cross booklet/document.
-Made some prints
-Mass at night

All together, a very successful start to Lent!! I plan to continue cruising through Lent for Children, a time of renewal, 40 steps to Easter, a character calendar, and with the church volume 1. I plan to continue using the catholic all march booklet, going to mass as often as I can, and other things as time/energy allows. I am hoping to finish pulling together my stations of the cross document. (probably a "simple" one, and then, one with art and bible readings). This is my next project to finish, and I hope to have it done on/by Monday.

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