Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lent week 3:: 3/24/19, 3/26/19, 3/27/19, 3/28/19, 3/29/19, 3/30/19

3/24/19 3rd Sunday of Lent, St Gabriel
-High Mass (!!) FINALLY! I haven't been to a high mass in like, forever!
-Read from: Lent for children, a time of renewal, Sunday Morning Storyland, Catholic All Year Compendium + Catholic All March booklet (St Catherine of Sweden)
-Made plans for the feast of the Annunciation
-Father Oak: purple
-Read about St Gabriel from A Character Calendar & Lives of the Saints

3/25/19 The Annunciation-see separate post

-Low Mass
-New books came in the Mail:
More catholic All Year Booklets!!!! (and the April booklet is THICK!) I haven't had much of a chance yet to even look inside of these, but am very excited to have them!!
-read from: Lent for Children, A Time of renewal

-Low Mass
-Read from a character calendar (I've missed this book!!)
-Investigated New "Catholic All Year Books" (can't wait for April to begin!!)

-Read from: Lent for Children, A time of renewal, A character calendar (what a treat!)
-Listened to Jesus of Nazareth on Librivox
-New Books: Good Saint Anne (booklet) Butler's Lives of the Saints & Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (all from Tan books--- I bought these when it was the St Benedict's Day Sale--they are all so beautiful, I am excited to have them in my collection & can't wait to read them! So grateful  for the St Benedict's Day sale!!)
-Low Mass; purple; Feria mass for Friday of the third week of lent
-Read from: Lent for Children, a time of renewal
-thought up edits for my way of the cross document

-Read from: Lent for Children, a time of renewal, Sunday Morning Story Land, Catholic All March booklet, With the church volume 1
-I got a new shelf!!!!! I have a bit of organizing to do on it, but it is might nice having (nearly) all my books in one place--and pretty accessible.
-made edits on my way of the cross document

I have pretty much ditched the "40 steps to Easter" booklet from Dumb Ox pub--and I don't have a great reason why... I was reading with my friend nearly every day, but, I didn't pre-read (ever!) when I should have and awkwardly read things out loud to her (like I read "thank you for the gift of being able to walk" (which was in the book) when she hasn't been able to walk in almost 20 that was...awkward), so I kind of stopped bringing the book to her house. and sure, I could read it to myself, but the daily sections are so short that it feels like some thing I *should/could* read with her, so mentally It feels like I *can't/shouldn't* read it with myself...its complicated. but I've basically ditched it and I don't think/plan on going back to it (even though I could...)
I have been saying the stations of the cross by myself nearly every day, and this was a goal of mine. I use either my document or the Catholic All Year ones. I've said it with my friend not as often as I had envisioned us, but we have a  handful of times. I have also found that I don't have enough breath (or something) to say a rosary and the stations in one day with her, so I usually choose the rosary because it's *generally* a smoother experience.
My Lenten readings have gone...mostly well. There's no zeal or anything or but the habit is there. I'm looking forward to starting a new book or two soon.
I have been going to low mass pretty much every day it was offered this lent (I overslept at least a few mornings...)
So, I guess, you could say that lent has been pretty fruitful this year.

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