Sunday, April 7, 2019

Lent week 4:: 3/31/19, 4/1/19, 4/2/19, 4/3/19, 4/4/19,4/5/19, 4/6/19

3/31/19 Laetare Sunday
-Sung Mass (?) at St Marys Pine Bluff; Pink/Rose colored vestments (got to put out the pink father oak!!)
-Read from: a time of renewal, lent for children

-read from: Lent for Children (lovely as always!), a time of renewal (I am contemplating getting rid of this book after this lent)
-listened to Jesus of Nazareth on Librivox (several chapters!)

-Low Mass
-Read from Lent for Children, a time of renewal

-Read from: Lent for Children, A Time of Renewal, A Character Calendar
-I seem to be having a hard time with the waking up early for mass thing this week....

4/4/19 St Isidore of Seville
-I seem to really be struggling with the whole wake up thing this week....
-Calendar work
-Read from: A time of renewal, lent for children, a character calendar & Butler's lives of the saints (for the first time!)

-Read from: A Time of Renewal, Lent for Children

-Read from: Lent for children, a time of renewal
-Mass (so great to see the images and statues and crucifixes veiled!)
-Made plans for passion Sunday & Passion week

This week has felt a bit...stagnant or something. And I'm not sure why I couldn't get my act together to make it to Low Mass more than I did. We're coming down the home stretch of lent, and I need to make some plans for Passion Week and Holy Week.

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