Saturday, April 13, 2019

Making plans for Holy Week

{progress made+need to finish listening to this book!}

{Good Friday Poetry--one of my favorites that I discovered in High school!}

{prep for making plans--Lent for Children, A time of renewal, with the church, Sunday Morning storyland, Catholic All stations of the cross, the carrying of the cross book+around the year with the von trapp family, the year and our children, the Easter book, the catholic all year compendium, catholic all April, my missal}
{pulling out books for my friend and I--a character calendar, butler's lives of the saints, my way of the cross that I made (red folder), my planet wise bag with my veil, booklets, rosary and prayerbooks for mass and such}

{making plans}

-Tenembrae, Chrism Mass, Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday Service, the seminarians coming home (my brother gets to serve with the seminarians this year!), (hopefully!) confession,
-Father Oak
-LOTS of writing/notes!
-(maybe) reading from the Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (or I might save this for when we go to myrtle beach, as I want some new books for our trip and I haven't started this one yet)

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