Saturday, September 29, 2018

This Week:: More New Things!

This has been a busy week and I am taking some time today to catch up on projects at home. So far I have organized all the books under my desk (not an easy feat!), organized my notebooks by date (a little bit easier), and threw a load in the laundry of my sheets/blankets + new things I bought at a garage sale today (a super easy task!).

This week I (finally!!) bought a new car! This is an extremely exciting feat!

 I learned to drive on a 2012 Toyota Toyota (which I LOVE), my first/other car was a 2002 Ford Tourus (I didn't love it), I have also driven my brother's 1994 Buick Grand Regal Sport, our family's Chevy Express, I drove someone Else's truck, and Mrs KBL's car is a Dodge Grand Caravan (its not like driving a regular mini van because it carries weight funny). I am learning to drive stick shift on a Ford Focus and drove a 1994 Saturn once. i am getting better at stick, although I haven't practiced in about a month. I've also driven a 1952 ford jubilee a few times, so I have some experience. I like driving our truck best, our van second, Mrs KBL's van third, and my brother's Buick fourth. My new car is a 1999 Toyota Camry. It drives like a Toyota (what more can I say?). I don't love it but I like it better than my Ford Tourus.

So that's that.

My Desk This Week:

See anything new? Your eyes don't deceive you! I have an echo dot. I was at this garage sale today and there was an echo dot for $25 so I got it rather impulsively because it felt like a deal I couldn't pass up. I'm not really into echo dots or whatever, and I don't think I ever "wanted" one but, I couldn't walk away from such a deal. So I now have an Echo Dot!

It's beginning to feel like fall around here and have chillier temperatures! I am not particularly excited about fall coming (I do not like fall) but....fall means NEW STEERS!!!! and I am plenty excited about that. This past week we went to look at our new ones. They were cute and solid looking. Also, at the farm there were 4 calves that were 2 weeks old and we got to bottle feed them!!!! They were so adorable! It was so exciting to bottle feed them. As for our new steers, they won't come until no sooner than October 8th. I have already ordered feed and hay (I hope I am not jumping the gun on that!) so, the Hay is coming to our house soon!

This week I enjoyed a week off of Catholic Schoolhouse, but that meant more babysitting elsewhere. I picked up some more free books. I will spare everyone my complete dorkiness and not share which books I got and which ones are now my current reads. I started using my new Erin Condren Notebook as mentioned/pictured in a previous post. It is a dot grid notebook. I don't love it or anything. It's okay but I don't know if I would ever use this specific notebook again...

As for today's feast, I found this post from Fr Z interesting and I plan on taking some notes on it later. Other than that I don't really have my liturgical act together for today.

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