Saturday, September 15, 2018

This Week:: New Things!

So, I've been in like a 3 week funk of car problems and struggling with scheduling changes/having a consistent schedule, and basically just being thrown off routine. So, that called for some Amazon purchases on my part. :) I bought another Latin Mass book (It hasn't come yet), an Erin Condren weekly desk pad in  hopes of sorting out my schedule in a weekly format, this book because I saw it at a parish and wanted it, and lastly, the main reason for this big purchase- pens! (I'm left handed and these are the pens that I have found to work the best!) I ran out so pens were an urgent need for me!  I have also borrowed these books to read: In my own words by Pope John Paul II (its a quote book) and the Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur. I am excited for both of these books!

Today I came home from a cross country meet to find that this box came in the mail! Everything was generously gifted to my by Jennifer Mackintosh and I couldn't be more excited! (and this isn't the first time she has gifted me with some planning things!). Here are some pictures of what I got + I received LOTS of stickers. The sticker sheets are half used or ones she didn't want anymore. :) Everything is from the Erin Condren company but the stickers are from an assortment of places.

I am thinking of using the deluxe monthly planner for the liturgical year, a desk pad (I got another one today) for babysitting dates, and I'm not sure what else....the possibilities are kind of endless. good thing I bought new pens! I love the Erin Condren snap in dashboards too! Just a super exciting day!

My planners came with out covers because they had her kids name on them, so I pulled out my covers from the EC Horizontal planner that she gifted me with 2 years ago (she chose the cover design), here it is:
Isn't it pretty? It's not exactly what I would choose but I like it, and sometimes I flip them around and use the inside facing out (my notes from a fair two years ago were still on them today!) It's nice having interchangeable covers. I could always buy more/new ones, but I can be kind of cheap, so I bet I will just keep these. :)

Stay tuned for what I end up doing with this all!

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