Thursday, January 3, 2019

Epiphany Tide Plans

Epiphany Tide--I realize I made up that word just this morning, but I think it totally fits to cover the days "around" the Epiphany, most especially the vigil and the day itself, as well as the days after to observe the feast more in depth.

In our family, this is one of our own more important feast days, with Epiphany gifts (usually small religious things or books) and Old Befana (most years Ken Lonquist comes and does a play nearby, but I don't think there is one this year, still, we have all of the songs memorized) /reading the Tomie de Paola books. but, just this morning I made some plans...

There are some festivities going down at Saint Marys Pine Bluff for the Vigil that I am hoping to participate in:
Vigil of the Epiphany, Saturday, January 5
  • 4:00 PM – Solemn High Mass (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf)
  • 5:15 PM – Adoration & Confession
  • 5:45 PM – Benediction
  • 6:00 PM – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf: Ritual Exorcism & Blessing of Water & Salt
  • 6:45 PM – Fr. Chris Gernetzke Reflection: “Where Do We Go From Here?” (After the passing of Bishop Morlino)
  • 7::30 PM – Family Pizza Social
Free Epiphany Holy Water & Salt, and Green Scapulars (touched to a Relic of the True Cross) for all who attend (please do not bring your own water and salt to be blessed).
I am babysitting that afternoon, and don't know how late I will be, but am hoping to sneak in/make it to Father Chris Gernetzke's talk. If I happen to make it over there earlier, great, then I will go to more things.

Sunday Mass (haven't decided when/where yet)
Copywork: 20+ C+M+B+19
Readings: Catholic All Year January by Kendra Tierney (this book arrived in the mail just this morning! It's lovely!!) pages 19-23, Bible Reading, & With the Church volume 1 (a few chapters)
Calendar Work: "Today is..." & such
Notes during Sermon (this is something that I have been trying on and off for almost a year, I am usually unmotivated to bring my notebook to mass, but am always glad when I do take notes of the sermons)

I want to find some fun/festive/unique versions of "We Three Kings" (think: Bing Crosby or someone)

...and whatever else I can think of!
(and hopefully making good notes for next year!)

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