Sunday, December 30, 2018

A note on projects

It's been a full year of liturgical living for me, and I hope that the next year will be even fuller! With lots of research, I have been diving into all sorts of liturgical year projects and organizing lately. I have so many ideas that I want to do! I have been buying lots of things and books, and have more ordered/coming as well as some Amazon gift cards left to spend. (I kind of need to set up a budget for this) I have also been moving things around on my desk and cube shelf. I am trying to come up with a good solution to organize my liturgical year things. (it's a bit of a mess right now) This is just a little glimpse.... I still have a long way to go, but here are some projects that I am currently working on...

I got a  letter board!
I don't think I am really a letter board *person* but I want to try using one to display what day it is in/on the liturgical year (feast day/season/month theme/day theme).  That's my vision for this brand new  letter board that I got. A dry erase board seemed too tacky (although I did see some small/compact ones at Target that I half thought about getting..), but the letter board seems tedious to fill... If I feel like the letter board is not working out, I definitely won't have any other use for it. In any case, I got the cheapest letter  board I could find on Amazon (I couldn't believe how expensive most of them were!) (Also I'll admit that the one I got isn't the most attractive looking/best matching for my desk and cube shelf) I bet you didn't think that I had this much to say about letter boards, did you?

Peg dolls!
I have three Shining Light Dolls that I love, and I have know the existence of peg dolls for some time but never had one of my own. (I'm kind of into whimsical decor) After Bishop Morlino died, a friend was making Bishop Morlino peg dolls, and you know I jumped immediately at the chance to get one. (Seriously, I think I was the first person to ask for one, and I was so proud when I received mine) (Side  note: I really like having "art" of Bishop Morlino...this sounds weird, but it helps me remember he is actually dead---I think I'm still in denial about that). Later on, I said to the same person how I'd potentially want more peg dolls of various saints and people, and so I have requested  some (which should be coming soon!!), which leads me to...

My own replication of a Father Oak! And felt vestments!
So I had an Idea.... I want to replicate Father Oak to remind me to pray for priests more often. I printed off the instructions and found some templates, and at Catholic Schoolhouse a mom made some felt vestments to use with a felt board so I wanted to by felt vestments. Ideas #1 was get a wooden figurine of some sort and buy felt to make my own vestments to switch around on a figurine for the different feast days based on what the priest would wear. Execution of idea #1: I had a random spur of inspiration and bought one of those bendable drawing figurines on Amazon, a bit lanky, but I thought it would work. And I bought some felt. I bought the wrong felt, it is 2X2 inch pieces and the figurine is just too big, so I am returning those. I couldn't believe it when I opened the package that the felt was so small! Idea #2...I order some peg dolls of priests in various colors. (If you are wondering about more of my Amazon shopping mishaps...I wanted paperclips to do some paper clipping. I thought I was just buying a box, but in reality it was 10 boxes of 100 paper clips each....(!) so I am returning the paper clips as well. That many paper clips should last until my grandkids if I keep them!
so where we stand on this project, are some priest peg dolls in different color vestments (to rotate out) and a seminarian peg doll are being made for me. The plan is to switch around the priests as a reminder to pray for priests and also as a reminder of the color of vestments for the day. And the seminarian is to remind me to pray for my seminarian friends. And the plan is to have these live (somewhere) on my cube shelf.

New books!
My Daily Bread (small wine colored book from the Confraternity of the Precious Blood)
Art Through Faith (Seton grade 8) (reading now)
Bible History by Johnson & Hannan (finished, but now have the workbook to go through)
Bible History by Ignatius Schuster
...and more coming soon!!

New Things!
Not directly a liturgical year thing, but does enhance things for me...I got beats!! No more borrowing my brothers!! My beats are super slick!
About 2 months ago I had a friend make me some of those knotted cord rosaries (in black, of course). I love them a lot! and I recently got some more. They are my favorite rosaries now!!

Also, I still need more paperclips...

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