Monday, January 7, 2019

21 things about me!

In honor of me now being 21...

1. My middle name is Marie

2. I am named after my Great Grandpa (Francesco>Francesca)

3. My favorite education Methods are: Charlotte Mason and Montessori, and then Classical and Independent/Robinson methods after that.

4. I love comedy and comedians! (think: Sebastian Maniscalo, My Cousin Vinny and Jerry Sienfeld)

5. My very favorite book from age 20: Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry

6. my favorite devotions/devotions I am trying to cultivate in my life: spiritual motherhood for priests/seminarians, Sacred Heart of Jesus, & living the liturgical year.

7. I have the Angelus Press 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal

8. My favorite livestock: steers/heifers (dairy & beef, but mostly beef) & pigs (and sometimes sheep)

9. I categorize my clothes as "lucky" and "unlucky" and name them after people, "J... G... skirt" & "original J...G...skirt" (long black skirts), "Mrs P... pants" (leggings)...

10. One thing I want to achieve in life--finish what my Grandma called "the book".

11. I like learning about history, the Latin mass, the liturgical year & art.

12.I've seen Jerry Sienfeld live.

13. When I was younger I liked learning about history--especially American History, and particularly- Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, the Great Depression & World War 2.

14. I get headaches a lot starting when I was 14.5 when I was 15.5 I started going to the doctor for this very thing...ENTs (several times), an MRI, a neurologist, and lastly, an allergy test (on my arm) when I was 16--I am allergic to dust mites & dust.

14. I pulled a cuterebra bug (parasite) out of a kitten before.

15. I do not like sleeping on the top of a bunk bed. (I did not have my own bed until I was 15, I didn't known what to do when I had my own bed)

16. When I was younger, around 4th grade age, my favorite nun (a FSSJ Sister) had hip replacement surgery and I carried my brother around on my hip so much that I used to say/think "I'm going to need hip replacement surgery when I'm 14!"
(my hips are/were, in fact, crooked)

17. I've had stitches twice (my lip when I was 8 and my knee when I was 13).

18. I want to get better at sewing, canning and drawing.

19. most humbling things in my life--raising steers (my first year especially), my first year of shooting trap (shotgun) & babysitting.

20.  my least domestic skill=cooking

21. I have 3 sisters, 3 sisters, and 3 siblings in heaven (2 are buried at Holy Redeemer in Perry Wisconsin and one is buried at Saint Mary's Pine Bluff. My mom didn't formally name them, but I did a year or so after the last one died---Caroline Anne (after the Melissa Wiley books about Laura Ingalls Wilder's mom), Francesco James, "James", (after our great grandpa's on my mom's side of the family) & Jennifer Marie (after Jennifer Mackintosh of the wildflowers & marbles blog)

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