Thursday, January 17, 2019

Feast Day of Saint Anthony of Egypt/the Great/Abbot (1/17)

Today, as I like to do, I pulled out my Tan books calendar and looked to see whose feast it is today--Saint Anthony of Egypt/the Great/Abbot. If I don't have much to say about the feast day then, I will just state it and go about my day. But, today, I went on a bit of a crumb trail. And, what a great crumb trail it was!
(my sister updated my letterboard for the day--I told her to make it festive. And, I made sure my priest/"Father Oak" was in white vestments for the day.)

Reading/Notes from:
Lives of the Saints by Hoever
Signs and Symbols in Christian Art
Saints: a year in faith and art
Tan Books calendar
1962 Daily Roman Catholic Missal (Angelus press)

(Saints: a year in faith and art---right away reminded me of "the Scream".)

(so now, I'm thinking of this image)
I added "the Life of Saint Anthony" by Saint Athanasius to my "Books to Read" list on Evernote.

Happy Feast day!

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