Monday, January 7, 2019

In the first week of 2019...

I turned 21!
We had our usual largeish party at our house on New Years Eve, and after we banged pots & pans at midnight, we came back in and had cake (for me). Everyone left after 1, I showered and I was the first one in our family to bed in bed(at 1:30am)
(my sister, our friend, & I)
I went to 7:30am mass at Saint Mary's Pine Bluff, did chores, took a great big nap and spent the rest of the day visiting with friends (at three different houses! including my pal) and  saying "I MUST go to bed early!"

Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus-Mass, Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus & Copywork: Golden Arrow Prayer. 
I went babysitting at new house that was out in the middle of no where....
This sign was so hilarious that I had to pull over and snap this picture. I have never seen a sign like this so near my own home. 
I borrowed a scrapbook on Father Kunz to learn more about him.
Starting in the afternoon I started to get a little bit sick, so the next day (1/3) I stayed home all day and was sick (not very, but too sick to be around my pals) So I am still enjoying my beats (a lot) and have added new songs to my spotify, and have been listeing to back episodes of the SSPX Podcast.
For the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus- readings from Sunday Morning Storyland and from with the Church.

I got tested for tuberculosis.(for school, not because I thought I have it, so don't panic everyone. ) (this wasn't really on my list of things to accomplish in life though...)
I started my first Emily Ley notebook, its super cute but also super small.
I went through the Father Kunz scrapbook and learned SO much...and learned more about the Little Saint Therese's school ("The Academy of Saint Therese" as its properly called) It was great!!

We had the steer weigh in. We tipped the scales at 796 (right on track) and 742 (a little low on that one). We brought the steers home. It was just my dad and I. There was so much snow/ice/and such in our yard, that dad got the truck and trailer stuck in the yard....just spinning and spinning and spinning the truck tires. He ended up detaching the trailer from the truck...which made the trailer start to roll down the I had to run after it....
Our yard is a bit of  a mess right now and today its raining and raining.
More babysitting at a new place in a really pretty part of our county; it was a long drive out but with a refreshing view.

Epiphany Day! (see Epiphany tag for more about that day)

I got the results to the Tuberculosis test (negative, of course), ran a few errands, its a rainy rainy day & now I am settling down to an average week of school & babysitting ahead (what is average?)
And because its Monday, I am very much enjoying a  new episode from the Punch Bowl Podcast.

Currently Reading:
Stay Hungry-Sebastian Maniscalco
Art through Faith (Seton Art 8)
Catholic All January -Kendra Tierney
The Religious Potential of the Child 6-12 Years Old (still)

Just another week in the life of me!

Happy First Week of 2019!

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