Thursday, January 17, 2019

January Daybook


I watched my favorite parts from "White Christmas". the "we'll follow the old man" song gets me every time...
I've been on a Sebastian Maniscalco kick again.

Trying to resurrect my peg dolls vision....

Latest editions to Spotify playlist:
I like it like that-Pete Rodrriguez
Rising of the Moon
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
Stars and Stripes Forever-John Phillip Sousa (various versions)
Funiculi, Funicula (I should find a better version)
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho (various versions)
Drew Pizza Party Music CD (most of the songs)
Tarantella (various versions)
Adeste Fideles, the old Man, Gee I wish I was back in the Army-Bing Crosby

The Punch Bowl Podcast and the SSPX podcast are the only podcasts I ever listen to anymore. Although, the Punch Bowl Podcast is a weekly thing, and the SSPX podcast hasn't put out a new episode since early December...(but I have listened to some old installments. I really the like the "questions with Father" episodes. so enlightening!)

Finished Reading:
-Stay Hungry by Sebastian Maniscalco. I can't wait until his next special/show is out on Netflix!
-the religious potential of the child ages 6-12 by Sofia Cavaletti (I didn't "enjoy" it but wanted to have the experience of reading this book, so I finished it.)

I recently started Bible History by Ignatius Schuster. It's going alright.
Still slowing working through Seton's Art 8, Art through Faith.

-I bought some Sistema containers!
-I've been using Pinterest again
-I'm still loving my Tan books calendar (the saints planner, not the wall calendar, although I have had the hanging wall calendar before.)
-Eucalyptus oil has been my friend! (twice now in January I have been sick with a sore throat and mild congestion) I feel like a kid again (I used to get sick a lot) Yay, me! I ran out of all of my Young Living Oils (which I have non-committedly been using for a few years, since it was "easy" to buy) For years, I have been strongly recommended the Hopewell Oils/Heritage essential oils brand, and have always thought to myself, "in the future" (but, why can't the future be now?), and I have also been enticed to the Eden's Garden brand...but I don't know if I love those. So, now, I am proudly & eagerly awaiting my first batch of oils from Hopewell Essential Oils to arrive.

Lessons learned from overnight babysitting #2:
Its hard!!
Tip for next time--bring more (&better!) books!

Loving: having my own beats!!

Thinking about:
-getting a massage soon (a real one!)
-art prints I want
-books to get
-need to come up with a steer feed solution (!)
-the liturgical year

I've been wearing a lot:
-black sweatpants! (like, daily)
-my H&M Divided Black/white shirt, I look like such a jailbird.

Clipboard picture on my desk: Sophie the Squash inspired one (still)

Recently, I've done some more teaching with a 1st grade, and a 4th grade who use the Seton books. and, I've been having a total hay day with the Seton books!

Happy January!

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