Thursday, October 11, 2018

This Week:: Fiji Day, Sultans of Swing & Sophie's Squash

Happy  Fiji Day!! (Fiji Independence day!)
I have been immersed in the Fijian culture of late, because of this company. I've had cavva (not sure if that is spelled correctly)---it was a whole ceremony they did for us one day complete with everyone drinking the stuff from the oldest to the youngest there. I've had this potato tasting banana, I think it is called a "Plantain", plus other Fijian dishes. I have my Fiji skirt/shirt (which looks like a dress when I wear both), and a Fiji shirt which is too small, but I have been told I am getting a new one. So anyways, go Fiji! Happy Fiji Day! (also, If you are ever in need of in home care, turn to the Home Care Independent Company, I highly recommend them!)

Listening to Lately:
My Dad and I switched cars last weekend, although I didn't drive the truck around for long, I got re-hooked  on "Sultans of Swing" and have been listening to it all week. I made some additions to my Spotify playlist such as....livin la vida loca and That's Amore sung by Bobby Vinton (I've been listening to this one a lot) I've got a 10 hour round trip road trip coming up and am going to need MANY additions to  my spotify when that time comes.

Currently Reading:
I finally finished "The Sacrifice of the Mass Study Guide" from the Crusaders for Christ blog. It wasn't amazing or anything.
I have been reading a lot of Sophie's Squash and How to Train a Train. I have both of those mostly memorized now. Still reading a lot of Seton Religion (grade 2 and 3), First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind, lesson plans, assignment sheets.... do Facebook posts count?

New Things:
I was searching around for some Catholic Art and I found these two websites: Restored Traditions  and My Holy Cards. I have GOT to make some purchases from these places! I am so impressed!  I might have to ask for a gift card or something from these  places....
The steers are coming very soon!! The feed was delivered on Wednesday, its been raining too much to get hay + I've been slow on cleaning out the barn....I am so excited for my new steers!!!!

Well, Midterms are calling my name, so gotta go!

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