Monday, October 22, 2018

10/22/18 Daybook

Amidst lots of babysitting, teaching (2nd & 3rd grade), my own family life, and spending time with/taking of Mrs KBL (all things I LOVE doing & am very grateful for), here is a bigger picture update of sorts...

Thinking about--- With another birthday in the family today I am wondering how is it possible that 3 of us kids are adults?!?! When we reached the 5 teenages milestone, that felt like a midlife crisis or something. But, this...I don't really know what it feels like. Sometimes its hard to imagine siblings getting older....
Recently our family was invited over for dinner at our brother's wrestling coach's house. We were all there. And to be honest, besides Sunday dinners, I don't remember the last meal we were all at together, or the last thing we all rode in the van together to.
Times have changed from our youth!

Listening to lately--- I'm still loving Spotify and I'm still LOVING my brother's beats. I added a bunch of classics to my playlist this weekend such as, "It's Tricky",  "Take Me back to Tulsa, I'm too young to marry", "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" and "Jump Around". Still enjoying all of my old favorites as well! My YouTube playlist continues to get lots of use during the school day.

Currently Reading--- The Catholic All Year Compendium! It's really good! (I bought it at the Holy Family Bookstore in Kenosha Wi. I also bought a handful of medals and Holy cards). Last week, read "Off the Hook" by Tim O'Malley. He recently spoke at UW Madison's "Newman Center" so I bought his book there. I found the beginning to be a little vulgar, but the middle was really good. I picked up some inspiring and thought provoking quotes on love (in the general sense) so I am glad that I read it. I am also reading How Now Shall We Live? I am about 60 pages in. I am not sure if I will finish this one. Next, I hope to read "Loss and Gain".

Excited about--- I put in a request to the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison (diocesan Latin masses) for a Mass to be said on the night of 11/28 (the feast of St Catherine Laboure). (this is the saint who Mrs KBL is named after/her patron Saint. I was thinking and thinking of how we can celebrate this day with her. Innovative me came up with a spectacular idea!)  My wish has been granted! (This is so crazy exciting!! This is going to be such a treat!) A Low Mass will be said at 6:30pm on that night (I can see it now--her and I sitting in the very front on the left). I couldn't be happier! I am extremely excited for this event on so many levels! It's going to be AMAZING!
My car is still working out very well!
Having steers again! These are the most gentle, calmest steers ever. And they LOVE grain! They are so eager!! I've got HIGH HOPES for these two to hit 1500lbs!! but, really, I'm happily back to feeding steers. We got hay yesterday, so that is also exciting.

I am wearing--- I went to 7AM low mass today, so this is the outfit I picked out last night: black shirt and long black skirt--nothing extravagant in this department. Also, I am wearing a miraculous medal.

Clipboard picture on my desk: Still savoring my "Sophie's squash" inspired image. 

The Liturgical Year--- I printed off some more calendars (I have 5 liturgical calendars now). As I have already stated, I am excited for the feast of St Catherine Laboure. I am also looking forward to the upcoming feast of St Raphael. I am still super impressed with the Restored Traditions art prints. I really want to make some purchases from this website, but to be completely honest, I don't fully "get" how this website works...
Today, on the new calendar, it is the feast of Pope John Paul II. Last year on this day we had a family funeral in Kenosha and I did some nice copywork on the way down. Today I don't have anything special planned for this feast but may come up with something of some sort before the day ends. We'll see what happens between now and then.

Charlotte Mason---I've had a renewed eagerness for memory work. I am still keeping with copywork/commonplacing, lots of reading and lots of notetaking.

Today I went to 7am Low Mass, have been working on school, made a quick trek to Mrs KBL's, and am now back to doing school work. It's a rare day that I am not babysitting or teaching, so for excitement I am trying arm & hammer deodorant again. In about an hour it will be time to feed steers and on deck for tonight: a trip to Mrs KBL's (I hope it will be better than earlier today!) Life is good!

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