Thursday, August 9, 2018

My Desk This Week

This afternoon I had to laugh when I saw the things scattered on my desk.... The normal things are all there-- Tan Books Calendar, babysitting schedule (on post-it notes), waterbottle, shining light dolls & other statues, books I am currently reading, notebook, pen, new bottle of LAC enzymes I am trying out.... generally my desk isn't this cluttered and I think that is when/how I noticed the syringe, antibiotics bottle & tube of antibiotics ointment. These are for our kittens. Earlier this week 2 of our young kittens caught the disgusting cuterebra parasite. I watched the vet pull one out of the black kitten, and later that same day, I had the experience of pulling one out of the orange kitten. anyways, currently both kittens are getting some drops of the oral antibiotics (with the syringe, no needle) and we rub on come of the ointment on the spot of the parasite. Typically, we keep livestock medicine in a cupboard because of infrequent use. Right when we came back from the vet, I put all the medicine on my desk. and there it all sits to remind me to give them the medicine. I found it pretty comical to see the kitten meds mixed in with the rest of my things. 

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