Saturday, August 25, 2018

Currently Reading This Week

Our Quest to Happiness series: Toward the Eternal Commencement

I've been reading this book for awhile, at least all Summer. Its good and all, but I haven't been plowing through it as quickly as I would have liked--I have read way too many catechism type books this summer. I put in a lot of reading/study in it this past week, so  I now have about 200 pages left. I am really hoping to finish this book this weekend and I think it will happen!

Introduction to the Devout Life   

This summer Mrs KBL and I read through the 40 dreams of St John Bosco twice. I like this book a lot, but for my sake, it needed to be rotated out of our reading pile for a little bit. Earlier this week I chose the Introduction of the Devout Life by St Francis de Sales for us to read together. Two years ago, I read this book for Advent but wasn't really into it but kept with it because it is a spiritual classic. This week I have gotten pretty into it. I don't think its the best book for us to read aloud, but its working for now. We are currently on page 39. I have skipped around a little bit while reading out loud because the meditations seemed a little weird to read out loud. We also sit and talk about the readings when I stop to catch my breath, and I always find those few minutes so valuable in our "reading time". With in a few hours of reading to her or the next morning, I take the time to make my notes on our reading either with quotes, a written narration or questions from the Kolbe Academy study guide for this book. As of now, I plan on us reading this book the whole way through, skipping some things here and there. With this book I don't, and really can't, have a goal for when to finish it. This book is clearly such a spiritual classic and I am so glad that I am taking time to read this book again!

Praying for our Priests by Monsignor Peter Dunne and Vicki Herout

This book came in the mail yesterday and I didn't get a chance to look it over to much yet, but I am excited to add it to my collection of Spiritual Motherhood for Priests/Seminarians resources. It seems more like a prayer book and less like a reading book.

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