Monday, November 5, 2018

It's November:: podcasts, steers & the liturgical year.

How is it November already?!

This week I discovered the SSPX podcast. It's just called "SSPX Podcast". It isn't obnoxiously SSPX although some episodes are more society minded and you'd need some knowledge on this to actually get something out of the episode. So far I have learned about the eastern church, epilepsy and impediments to the priesthood and I listened to some society specific episodes for fun. I like the "Ask Father" episodes. The usual priest from Australia is so smart! I like the voices of the moderator and the Australian priest. Some of the older episodes which are sermons from other priests I don't love (especially the voices).  The podcasts are about a half hour long each and I have been learning a lot from them. I am listening to the latest one right now.
I have also started listening to "The Punch Bowl" podcast. It's my cousin's cousin, so basically my cousin in our world. She reviews wedding registries. It's hilarious!!!
I used to (like last year) listen to podcasts all the time--the Fountain of Carrots one and Among the Lilies, and a few others (like homeschool ones). But I got super bored of Fountain of Carrots. And I kind of gave up on podcasts all together. Plus, there was no real good way of organizing them. BUT, now that I have an iPhone I am now using apple podcasts and I am enjoying using this app to organize my podcasts. Life is good, when you're organized.
For music, I'm still using Spotify and YouTube like I always have. I added more songs to Spotify. I've been listening to Louis Prima again as well as the Beatles and other fun songs.

We have the Badger Classic Kickoff Steer & Heifer prospect show coming up. I've got to get a little bit more serious about practicing with the steers and pick which one I want to show. I realize that in other years I would have picked my steer a little faster than I am, but it is a little tricky when both of your steers are completely black and don't have anything big to set them apart from  each other. I also still haven't memorized their ear tags.
The steers are still doing amazing and they are fabulous eaters and easy to halter.

I've been reading a bunch of liturgical living books. I finished flipping through Catholic Mosaic and Monday's with Mary and they are both keepers. I am currently on The Year and Our Children by Mary Reed Newland. It's okay.
Our family has been going to the cemetery to say prayers the last few days like we always do. Last night we saw a family there that I know but they didn't recognize so that was kind of funny.
Today, at low mass, Fr mentioned that it is customary in the extraordinary form to say the All Souls Day mass for three days after it (or something like that). So it was kind of fun to have another Requiem mass. Plus, I was wondering why there were three masses listed for All Souls Day.
For All Souls Day I went to this mass. Here is my picture from the day.  It was a super lovely mass! So many priests! I loved all the black color--vestments, altar cloths and candle sticks. And I like this thing that was there. I think it's super cool.
On All Souls Day itself I went to the cemetery three times (2 different cemeteries).
I am working on getting my advent plans together-I am trying to make a little booklet for that. And I am gathering things for Advent. I can't believe its already November and this year is almost over! (And, now I'm almost 21!)

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