Monday, January 7, 2019

Epiphany:: What actually happened (in pictures)

I did not end up going to any of the festivities at Saint Marys Pine Bluff on 1/5. There was a change in the schedule in that Fr Z was giving the talk instead of Fr Gernetzke so that made me less interested in going. I like Fr Z and all but I hear sermons from him nearly every week so I wasn't as inclined to go after an already full day.
In the morning, I went to mass at Saint Mary's Pine Bluff, and when I got home my siblings were all awake so we opened our epiphany gifts (from Old Befana). I got a Mother Teresa of Calcutta Statue and some of the kids got Pac-Man(!!). I had a sudden spur of inspiration and I reorganized and rearranged the top of my cube shelf. It looks SO much better!!
I did some readings, I took some notes.
Cube shelf before:
all of the statues, the candle and rosaries were on my desk in a corner; on my cube shelf was the letter board with an overflowing bin of books for "right now". It just felt...cluttered...
(the overflowing basket) (I put the basket on the corner of my desk nearest my cube shelf where I had my statues and such before and I straightened out my books and such in it a little better. )
(some "before" pictures-all from a few weeks ago)

How the top of my cube shelf looks now! I really like it!

Pac Man!!

"Father Oak" Peg dolls! +a seminarian

A few more peg dolls! (Immaculate Heart of Mary, St Therese, Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Bishop Morlino Peg doll!
Readings for the feast day

(Lives of the Saints-Hoever, Latin Mass Children's Missal, With the Church volume 1 & Catholic All January (turns out I've been calling this by the wrong title ever since I got it)
(from Saints: a Year in Faith and Art)
Jennifer Mackintosh Planner + Notebook, ready for the day

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