Monday, November 5, 2018

Nov 2017-Nov 2018

I was recently inspired by this post to write a little reflection on the last year. Like Emma, I too have experienced a wide range of changes and I thought it would be fun to highlight some. Many of these were "surprises" like who would have expected this? but mostly the end of age 19 and age 20 has been great for me! I have learned, among MANY other things, that God's plans are ALWAYS better than mine. I say things like "I never knew...." or "who would have thought....?" a lot.  I have learned a lot this year and have had many new experiences.
In no particular order....

Some time last fall, I watched My Cousin Vinny for the first time. That was life changing. I am not sure why I did not think of watching that any sooner? This has now become my all time favorite movie ever. I also discovered Seinfeld to be actually funny, and my favorite is "Is Any One here a Marine Biologist?". my comedy side has really come out strong in the last year!

We went to Italy!! I do need to write more about Italy here but there is some written under this label. Italy was great! (I met someone recently who told me that she didn't like Italy/being in Italy. I do not understand how this is possible. How can you not like Italy?)

I finished my third year of raising steers and have started my fourth year. Last year we had a Simmental and this year we are back to Gelbviehs. Last year I showed a beef heifer for the first time. This was our first year in 3, maybe 4 years, of raising pigs where we didn't have any deaths. So our year with pigs was a complete success. Through our kittens, and our vet, I discovered the cuterebra parasite and I had the delight (at the time, misfortune) of pulling one out of a kitten myself. Go me!

I have really discovered the Latin Mass this year through books, daily low mass, my missal, the SSPX, Fr. Peter Lee's first mass.... Ever since my early/mid teens I have wanted to "get more into" the Latin Mass especially with more exposure and this year I think I have really done it! On the same note, my attitude towards the SSPX has made a full turn around and has really grown.
And, in the spring/summer I did my "quest for recent church history" through priests, books and talking to other people.

Jerry Coniker died. I really truly thought that I would be able to spend more time with him  before he died. My Grandpa Bruno turned 80! To my mom's chagrin I am turning more and more into her dad. I usually go to bed at 8:30pm now. I went to Door County for the first time as well as the shrine of Our Lady of Good Help. Very nice places each, I'll be back. My art knowledge/interest has blossomed. This Devotion  has blossomed in my life. Liturgical Living continues to make a climb in my life. I bought my first 2 cars this year. My book collection has exploded. I've been using Spotify. I bought my first iPhone and I love it. I have met many different people and become involved in many different families. I kind of feel like I know everyone now. I still dream of India and adopting Indian Children. I still babysit. a lot. I still read. a lot. I still write. a lot. I discovered Catholic Schoolhouse, and the importance of memory work.  I still love Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori.

I started "more official" teaching in the Spring for some weeks and in the Fall for some weeks. Good times!

I met this lovely Mrs KBL on 2/25/18. I have written about her some already. I have entered a whole new world with her that I never knew I would, but I am so glad that I have. This world includes constant in-home caregivers, Hoyer lifts, catheters, so much confusion,  MS, dementia and just a whole mess of things. These would be the "negative" things. But knowing her, has also included learning many great lessons (as well as practical lessons I didn't think I'd learn like steering a power wheelchair, putting  a jacket on her & such)  , Fiji, (who would have thought?) constant adventures, and lots of fun moments to savor. So many great experiences! I can't really explain it. I'm living the life, that's for sure! Life is good. (This was an unplanned relationship that has now become the best thing in my life)

There is still so much to reflect on.


  1. Wow, sounds like a busy year. So do you attend SSPX now?

    1. I have been to St Therese's (In Wuanakee) twice. I know people who currently attend there. And I dearly love one of the pioneer founders of St Therese's. ;) I respect, admire and appreciate the SSPX as a whole. (Although, I admit I don't love everything about/in the society "subculture".) I am a big fan of St Therese's and a avid supporter of SSPX "things" such as my missal, SSPX YouTube Channel, Angelus press and the podcast. It's complicated. My relationship with the society in general has changed a lot with in the last year. I hope I was able to answer your question. Does this make sense?

    2. I still attend Mass with my family on Saturday nights at the Cathedral, low Mass Monday through Fridays as often as I can in Paoli, and as many TMSM masses that I can. :)

    3. Yes, that answers my question, thank you. I know a lot of people that go to St. Therese's.