Thursday, November 1, 2018

Liturgical Living:: All Saints Day Complete & All Souls Day Plans

All Saints Day:
Today was a pretty ordinary day with feeding steers, organizing, homework and babysitting.
A few days ago I wrote out an "All Saints" list in my notebook.
I know that last year I did some "pump up" writing/reflections on the day but it is 10:30 pm now and I haven't done any writing like that yet today so It probably won't happen....
I went to 7am Low Mass, this was my first All Saints Day Latin Mass in my life so that was exciting. I took some notes before Mass and during the sermon of course. It was early in the morning and there is only so much writing you can do while half awake.
I did a bunch of liturgical year organizing and sorting around so I have some "improved" displays out.
I've been listening to Don William's "Come Early Morning" on repeat all day. Although I don't think this song is really about heaven or anything like that...I've been especially reflecting on the words, "Come Early Morning, I'll be home and satisfied". This song has really been the highlight of my liturgical living today for some reason. Really the whole song is great. Maybe I will take the time to write some reflections on this song....
I read several chapters from With the Church Volume II by Mother Mary Loyola--there were a bunch of chapters for today. I took notes but nothing grand.
Later on, I'll be sure to do my usual nightly litany of the saints. 
I did want to go gaze upon some relics and bless myself with them but that didn't happen....maybe tomorrow I will do that. (I don't own any relics in reliquaries myself but I do have a rosary that was touched to Jerry Coniker after he died and a book that he gave me....)

All Souls Day:
On Deck for tomorrow-
-Reading from With the Church volume II
-making a list of all the souls in purgatory who I regularly pray for (almost every time I go to mass) & remember them all
-a trip to/through the cemetery in town. We probably won't get out of the car while there. but the idea is that we will whip through there on our way to Mass. Maybe I'll hit the cemetery where our last baby is buried on my own....
-High Mass at Night
-some writing
-reading my new liturgical living books 

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