Saturday, August 18, 2018

Spiritual Motherhood for Priests/Seminarians Resources

The Spiritual Motherhood for priests and seminarians is one of my favorite devotions. When I was younger, but certainly not much younger, I didn't really see the importance of praying for priests with great intensity. Sure, I knew many priests in our diocese with varying degrees of familiarity and I had my favorites and all. And I did pray for priests, sometimes, but it wasn't until 3 or so years ago when I really realized the importance of the priesthood, the great need for priests and the seriousness of the vocation. I had first briefly discovered this devotion through this blog. Back then I had a close friend discerning the priesthood and he is now in the seminary. That's when I really began praying for his vocation, appreciating the priesthood and number of seminarians in my dioceses as well as making a big connection between the current seminarians being priests of the future, my future, and so now, I pray with great intensity with priests and seminarians and try to build strong & strengthen relationships with them. About two years ago I fully discovered this devotion it was through this talk and since then, and many notes and prayers later, I have gathered many resources. For awhile I offered my Tuesday mass for priests/seminarians. Now, its more like a daily thing for me. I usually say the Archbishop Brady Prayer for Vocations as well as one other prayer. And, I am always looking for new ideas to increase this devotion in my own life.

Archbishop Brady's Prayer for Vocations a parish that I regularly attend prays this prayer after the Gospel is read
A Daily Prayer for Priests
Jesus Make Me Worthy book, prayer for priests. I try to say this during/at mass at some point.
Institute of Christ the King when I first discovered this devotion this page was linked so this was the prayer I prayed.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary  a close friend of mine is at this seminary right now

Seven Sisters Apostolate-about, actual website
Msgr Bartylla Homily, vocation story

Sensus Fedelium  about 2 years ago I re-discovered this devotion through this talk

Reading Material:
Adoration, Reparation, Spiritual Motherhood for Priests  this is the booklet that is talked about in the above talk. its a good one to print off and have on hand.
The 40 Dreams of st John Bosco. one of my absolute favorite spiritual reading books. a friend and I read this book almost daily.
This book  I just discovered this book today and quickly ordered it from Amazon

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